I have been struggling with my weight issues for years. In the photo,  I was at my peak weighing 64kgs with a height of just 150cm. My weight loss was always a losing battle, drop a kg or 2 this month only to gain it back or more within the next. I hated exercises and have tried numerous diets but without success. When I hit the scales at 64kgs, I tell myself this is it I had enough. I want to make changes, and this time with the thing I hated most - exercises.


I sourced around for a good trainer and came across Feroz, he recognizes my needs and point out the various obstacles that have been hindering my weight loss.


On my first assessment, he was down right accurate about the issues I was facing. I have weak will power and lack of determination, I hated exercises such as weights and resistance training. I succumb easily to the temptation of food and often made the wrong food choices. I hate repeating workouts and get bored easily.


Upon assessment, he started my training with fun workouts. Yes, workout that didn’t feel like work. It was fun and I started to develop a positive mind toward working out and soon I was actually looking forward to my training sessions. Of course there were days when I didn’t feel like continuing with the trainings, Feroz was always there to give me sound advices and encouragements.



My first break through come 3 months into my training where I have significantly dropped

3 kgs and friends have been telling me how much energetic I was looking and definitely they noticed the weight loss. 3 more months into my training, I was thrilled that I didn’t get any of my weight back. No more yo-yo weight loss. For once in so many years, I was eating like a normal person. No supplements as replacement for food, no starving and definitely no more diet pills. Feroz offers me a variety of healthy food that I can get from our local market. No more fancy diets that are costly to prepare. (Most healthy eating food plan offered online comes from the States and they often have ingredients that are not widely available at our local market and even if our supermarket do stock the ingredients, they are extremely expensive).


It has been years since I started working out with him and I’m proud that I have kept my weight.


- Jean

In an attempt to get rid of the post pregnancy weight gain and gain muscle tone, I signed up with Feroz for his power packed training sessions and there has been no looking back since. He has been a great motivation and ensures that I give my best after every single training session. He is able to tailor each training session to your needs and I’ve always felt comfortable.


He is also very flexible with his training locations and able to accommodate your schedule. A mobile gym is practically at your disposal. I worked with the weights, TRX, medicine balls, resistance bands and kick boxing. Hes better equipped than most gyms.

If you do make an appointment with Feroz, you won’t be disappointed.


 - Stephanie



I have been training with Feroz for quite a while before getting pregnant with my third child. He is one tough trainer but what he does with me works! He gives clear instructions on kickboxing techniques and really focuses on form.

After giving birth, I continued my training with him and it's been amazing to see that I got stronger in my upper body after a few sessions! Kickboxing with him improved my focus, agility, speed, and endurance.

 - Sabrina

I had a good time with Feroz using the TRX Suspension System.

It was my first time but the equipment was easy to use.

The exercises were really challenging, pulling your self up or pushing off using the straps. It's quite easy to balance yourself but it's not a solid platform like planting both feet on the ground.

The toughest one was the dips with one foot suspended by the straps, I could really feel the strain in my ass cheek.

I liked that this class was conducted outdoors at East Coast, it a welcome change from the usual gym or studio.


-Kok Peng