At Love Fitness, we have come up with different program packages cater to different people from all walks of life to match their individual needs. We give you the options to choose which program packages you feel that will work for you without compromising the benefits that this healthy lifestyle will bring you. If you are not sure which of the packages you should be getting, don’t worry because you can always call us or send us an email to see which would suit you best!


This programme works best for working professionals who either juggles between work and family or logs long working hours or require travelling frequently. Love Fitness Busy lifestyle programme is tailored especially for individuals like you who wishes to workout and keep fit yet having the option of a shorter workout session.



  • Already engaging in frequent exercising

  • Has experiences in working out

Busy Lifestyle Program (40 mins)

Active Lifestyle Program (60 mins)

This programme works best for individuals who have that extra time on their hands. If you are a stay-home mom, retiree or perhaps you are your own boss. You may even be a working individual but with fixed working hours. Then Love Fitness Active lifestyle programme is tailored for you.

  • Pre-requisition not required.

  • You can be completely new to working out.


Scheduled Sessions

Scheduled Sessions are for people who prefer to who loves to meet new people and workout with people of the same goal. We have the classes all set for you at different locations and different timings. Classes are suitable for multi fitness level so dont worry! All you need is just to book your slot and join in the fun!

  • Pre-requisition not required.

  • You can be completely new to working out.