At Love Fitness, we prioritize your well being. Hence, our personal training program looks into your convenience as well as your unique requirements in terms of fitness and well being.


Using indicators that are considered the most relevant, well researched and advanced in the fitness industry, we would be first running you through a Wellness & Fitness assessment. This assessment gives us the required information to design a unique, fully customized fitness plan for you.


With attaining sustainable best results in terms of fitness being our goal, our approachable and professional trainers would guide you through the program.  We design safe and suitable fitness plans for each of our clients. And, our trainers take you through each of the steps and help you reach your own fitness goals.


When you choose our personal trainings package, you are thus choosing an absolutely tailor made program created exclusively for you. This means your fitness goals are attained in a planned manner. While attaining your fitness ideal may seem to be a daunting affair, our trainers make it easier for you by breaking it down to smaller milestones.


Benefits of Personal Training:


  • Improve Cardiovascular Health

  • Increase Strength

  • Corrective Posture & Technique

  • Co-ordination

  • Endurance

  • Agility / Movement

  • Fat Reduction

  • Build Lean Muscles


     and many more.......




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