We at Love Fitness are proud to bring you the ultimate fitness program - that of Muay Thai. This is the origin of Kick Boxing and is globally considered to be a highly effective workout.


In this program our fitness trainers will work with you to pick up on the skills for this full-contact fighting technique. You would be strengthening your entire body, rotating the hip with each and every kick, punch, elbow and block.


Besides keeping you motivated, goal oriented and never bored, our focus will be on conditioning your body. The moves in this program is designed specifically to promote higher levels of fitness.


The training regimen of Muay Thai is pretty much holistic and depending on your Wellness and Fitness assessment and your own fitness goals may cover a huge range such as shadowboxing, running, rope jumping, body weight resistance exercises, using the medicine ball, core and abdominal exercises and weight training.


At Love Fitness we focus on creating tailor made and safe training programs for you. This would be the right one for you if you are looking for the highest possible level of fitness as your goal.