Looking for a way to combine fitness, training in self defence and getting a lean toned body? The Kick Boxing program at Love Fitness would be ideal for you.


Kick Boxing adds immense value to your life. Besides really increasing your level of confidence, improving coordination, endurance and alertness, Kick Boxing actually tones your entire body and teaches you the best self defence moves!


The entire exercise routine phenomenally reduces stress and melts fat fast. You can choose Kick Boxing for various reasons - for training as boxers do, for fun and for fitness. A refreshing change from regular cardio exercises, this program is sure to add value to your life in more than one way!


At Love Fitness, our trainers begin by teaching you the basic techniques of kick boxing and work with you till you master those. After this, you can train like a true boxer, for sure!


Say hello to a leaner, fitter, stronger you.


Benefits of Kick Boxing / Muay Thai:


  • Boost confidence level

  • Improves coordination 

  • Improves endurance

  • Increase alertness

  • Melts fat fast / tone your entire body

  • Learn valuable self defense moves

  • Reduce stress





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