Happy New Year!
Feroz, January 2014

Happy New Year Everyone! It's a fresh new start of the year! Any resolutions you have for this year? I stumbled upon the "Commonly  Broken New Year Resolutions" and was wondering if you have them too. So how are we suppose to stick with our new year resolutions and fulfil them?


  • Lose Weight and Get Fit

This is the most commonly heard from most people. They would want to lose weight, get fit, tone up and be in the best shape ever that they can imagine. However, most people give up before even trying, 50% of those who tried exercise will give up as well and only a minority will keep going. Is losing weight and getting fit really that difficult to achieve? Based on my years of experience as a personal trainer, I wouldnt say it is impossible to achieve but you have to have someone to be there to motivate and support you as well. If you have a spouse, get your spouse to join you and exercise together! It helps to increase the bonds between the two of you, isn't that great?


  • Quit Smoking

I've seen alot of people who smokes and have friends around me who are smokers too. Every year they would have this resolution of quit smoking but they never achieve it. It's not easy as smoking is an addiction to nicotine, however, i suggest people who would want to quit smoking to look for professional help.  If you can quit smoking, you can reverse the effects that smoking has against you over the years which helps to improve your lifestyle!


  • Learn Something New

To learn something new isn't easy but is something very rewarding and satisfying.  You''re never too old to learn something new! It might even benefit you somewhere along the way in the future.


  • Eat Healthier and Diet

Again, this resolution will link to the above, lose weight and get fit. There are tips and tricks to help you adapt to a healthier eating habits and the diet naturally comes from good eating habits! Packing your own lunch, throwing away the junk foods in the house are small steps of eating healthy in life.


  • Spend More Time with Family

Everyone who love to spend more time with their family, however, most of the time, it's work that keeps them away from their family.  Solution: Always take a day of the week (e.g Sunday) and make it a point to spend more time with your kids and spouse. Avoid bringing work back home and naturally you have more time spent with your family!


All in all, these resolutions can be achieve if you do lots of careful planning and having alot of supports from your friends and family members.


Lastly, Chinese New Year is also coming soon! I've posted a picture below and if you have read the previous article about "Calories In Vs Calories Out", this are the Chinese New Year Goodies Calorie Chart! I'm not asking you to avoid them but do eat in moderation!







Credits: Facebook Post