In Love Fitness, we provide you a variety of classes so that you can enjoy many different types of workouts, meeting different people with a common goal to lose fat/tone up/maintain healthy. We promise to give you a fun and enjoyable workout without having to go through the same session twice!


Scheduled classes are conducted as a group, out trainer(s) set the location and the exercise. You dont need to think about fixing your next appointment for the next session, all you have to do is to jump into your sports gear, call up to book your slot for the class you want to attend and show up! It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Bootcamps / Circuit Trainings

Circuit Training

Want to burn fat, lose weight and build learn muscles? Come and join us for the circuit training session and have lots of fun with people of common goals!



Up for a more challenging workout? Want to try to have a feel of military like exercises? Push your body like you have never before and sweat it all out in our bootcamps sessions!

Kettlebell (Fundamental)

Are you new to kettlebell? Interested to know more about it? Come and join us in this kettlebell (fundamental) training session as we guide you through the techniques of using a kettlebell and experience a whole new kind of training! 


It is recommended for you to join the kettlebell (fundamental) training sessions prior to joining the kettlebell (amateur) session so that you will not get hurt while exercises.  Always remember, safety first!

TRX Suspension Training

Come and try the TRX Suspension Training today! The TRX Suspension Training uses the revolutionary theory of working with leveraged gravity and your bodyweight to perform different types of exercises. It helps to increase your muscular endurance, build a strong core and delivers a fast and effective total body workout! Suitable for all fitness levels.





Kettlebell (Amateur)

Know the fundamentals of the kettlebell already? Join us in the kettlebell (amateur) training session as we explore the different types of exercises and experience a great and sweaty workout! 

It is essential to book for the classes as there is only limited slots in each class. 


You can book your slots at or alternatively you can sms to +65 8725-8807.


What to wear: Comfortable workout attire and sneakers

What to bring: Hat, water bottle and small towel