Calories IN Vs Calories OUT

Feroz, Novmeber 2013


What is calories? And why does it play such an important part when it comes to lose weight or to start a healthy lifestyle? When is it considered as we have enough calories intake for the day or when is it too little? What effect does it have on our body?


There are a lot of people around me who doesnt really know that what is the relationship between counting calories and losing weight so they continue to eat as much as they want , and yet there are others out there who seem to count calories to the extreme yet they do not exercise and expect to lose weight and become healthy.  I  came across this site which answers all the questions I have mentioned above and feel that the writer have wrote it in a way that is easily understood by people about the relationship between calories in vs calories out.


Do check this website out!

Calories In Vs CAlories Out: The Basic Formula Explained


As mentioned in the article,  calories are simply measurement of energy which comes from the food we eat.  However, we cannot consume too little calories as it will affect our budy to function properly and too much calories in turn will make us gain weight. Usually, women are advised to eat at least 1200 calories or more per day and men should eat at least 1800 calories or more pay day. However, each individuals are different, depending on the their age, body weight, body fat, how physical active are they and what is their main goal.  Luckily for you (if you are staying in Singapore), you can call us up and we will give you a free body analysis and a free personal training trial!* All you have to do is just to call us at 9382-3047 or email me at to make an appointment.


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