Wanting to bring your friend to workout with? Our Buddy Training program is for you!


Your friends and loved ones are the people who can motivate and pull you through in your lowest moments. Oftentimes while trying to attain a fitness goal, there are moments in which you may really need someone who will push you through it. We acknowledge this.


We have designed our Buddy Training program for you combining two very important aspects - you having your buddy with you and both of you getting the attention that a private personal training would get. This means, you compromise on nothing but enjoy bonding, working out with and having a fun time altogether. And all of this while you both attain your fitness goals! 


We plan and customise the program in a way that works best with your fitness needs following a Wellness & Fitness Assessment administered to both of you individually. Our trainers then customise a plan suitable to you and your buddy, thus ensuring you both fulfil your fitness dreams at the same time!


Sign up with a family or friend for buddy training and watch how this program works wonders for both of you.                 

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