Happy New Year!

Feroz, January 2014


Happy New Year Everyone! It's a fresh new start of the year! Any resolutions you have for this year? I stumbled upon the "Commonly Most Broken New Year Resolutions" and was wondering if you have them too. So how are we suppose to stick with our new year resolutions and fulfil them?

Calories In VS Calories Out

Feroz, November2013


What is calories? And why does it play such an important part when it comes to lose weight or to start a healthy lifestyle? When is it considered as we have enough calories intake for the day or when is it too little? What effect does it have on our body?

10 Tips To Start & Sticking With Exercise

Feroz, September 2013


I'm pretty sure many of you have difficulty trying to stick with exercises or some of you might even try dieting fads just to lose weight but only to find yourself giving up halfway through as you notice there is little or no results in the end?  I've worked in a commercial gym and I've seen many people walking in and signed up for membership, thinking that they would come in and exercise for abit and went off. There were some others who even signed up for personal training sessions and gave up halfway.  I start to question myself if there was something that went wrong during their personal training session or were they bored with their exercise routines or did they just want to come to the gym thinking that they will lose weight almost immedaitely?